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Gamer Makes Game Boy Advance SP Out of LEGO Bricks, Actually Works

by Eugene Jenkins
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LEGO bricks have been used to build all kinds of things over the years, from tiny figurines to towering skyscrapers. But a gamer in Germany has taken LEGO building to a whole new level by constructing a fully-functional Game Boy Advance SP out of the colorful plastic blocks.

The gamer, who goes by the name “Baron von Brunk” online, spent several months and countless hours building the LEGO Game Boy Advance SP, which is an updated version of the classic Game Boy handheld gaming console that was first released by Nintendo in 2001.

Baron von Brunk’s LEGO creation faithfully replicates the design of the original Game Boy Advance SP, which was known for its sleek, foldable design and backlit screen. The LEGO version features all of the same buttons and controls as the original, including the D-pad, A and B buttons, and L and R buttons.

To create the LEGO Game Boy Advance SP, Baron von Brunk had to carefully design and construct each individual piece out of LEGO bricks. He used a variety of different colored bricks to create the device’s outer shell, and also included some internal components such as a battery and a small screen.

One of the biggest challenges that Baron von Brunk faced when building the LEGO Game Boy Advance SP was making sure that all of the buttons and controls worked properly. He had to design and build each button and control mechanism from scratch, using a combination of LEGO bricks and small electrical components.

Despite the challenges, Baron von Brunk was ultimately successful in creating a fully-functional LEGO Game Boy Advance SP. The device is capable of playing a variety of classic Game Boy Advance games, just like the original handheld console.

Baron von Brunk’s creation has generated a lot of buzz among gaming and LEGO enthusiasts alike. Many people have marveled at the incredible attention to detail that he put into the design, as well as the impressive engineering feat of creating a functional gaming device out of LEGO bricks.

Some have even suggested that Baron von Brunk’s creation could inspire a new wave of LEGO-based gaming devices. After all, if a Game Boy Advance SP can be constructed out of LEGO bricks, who’s to say that other gaming devices couldn’t be built in the same way?

While the LEGO Game Boy Advance SP may not be the most practical gaming device out there, it is certainly an impressive example of the creative potential of LEGO building. It shows that with enough time, patience, and skill, almost anything can be built out of LEGO bricks.

And who knows? Maybe Baron von Brunk’s creation will inspire other gamers and LEGO enthusiasts to take on similarly ambitious projects. After all, the possibilities are endless when it comes to LEGO building.

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